Taveuni is the most beautiful and diverse island of all the 333 islands of the Fiji archipelago. It is well known as the Garden island of Fiji for its fertile volcanic soil, exquisite waterfalls, dense forests, and it's unique birds and flowers that exist no where else on earth. Approximately a third of the island is part of the largest national park in Fiji; Bouma World Heritage National Park and the Lavena coastal nature walk the US Ambassador to Fiji has called "the most amazing nature walk I have ever done". 

Taveuni is one of a few places in the world (along with Rabi Island and Siberia) that lie on the 180 degree meridian, the point at which one day turns into the next.

Taveuni is surrounded by beautiful, warm, tropical, clear waters filled with amazing reef structures and vivid marine life. It has also been heralded as the world soft coral capital and it has been rated one of the top ten dive spots in all the Dive press for over 20 years.  

Taveuni has just recently been discovered as a premier kiting destination. Without any doubt, we have the best kiting beach in Fiji and no crowds! 

Romance is very alive in Taveuni. Very private, very intimate, very personal and absolutely special! If you are looking for the perfect destination for your wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or any special occasion to ignite the fire of romance, a trip to Taveuni will set your relationship ablaze! Star filled skies with no light pollution to dull their brilliance, secluded private beaches that will encourage you to revel in nature, the sea and each other's eyes. First world distractions will seem a million miles away and you will feel closer to each other than you ever have. 

Taveuni is also the perfect holiday destination for families. The locals love children! We have the best Nannies/friends to entertain the little ones and so many things for them to do! Moms and Dads can enjoy their private time together knowing that their kids are out and about having the most wonderful time. There are lots of family activities on island as well, from natural rock water slides, snorkeling, kayaking to a sailing trips and family kite lessons or natural hikes and coastal walks or village visits, your family will never get bored.

We are off the beaten track and it is a bit further to travel, but it is absolutely worth it! That is precisely why the best boutique resorts in the world are here... Come to find your peace, tranquility and a sense of place that resonates with Nature herself.

With the most genuinely friendly people in the world the "Garden Island" supplies everything the locals need to live happy contented lives. Come and slow down, unwind and try to take in the island lifestyle even just for a short while. You will leave with a renewed outlook on life, a better understanding of what is and is not really necessary to bring lasting happiness. The giant stress free, genuine smiles of our wonderful locals will beam into your heart long after you have left and you will dream of returning again and again.